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    I have a application hosted on internet, I want to make it sure that my customer should not make<BR>copy of the site and database and sell it to others because it&#039s general purpose in nature.<BR> <BR>To do this I need to ensure two things as follows<BR>1 database server and database name has not changed and<BR>2 host has not changed e.g.<BR> <BR>I can ensure this two things programmatically by puting checks for these two things, but problem is<BR>asp is just a script file which can be changed to remove the conditions that I have put in. Even if I<BR>write a component, I need to instantiate that component and call it&#039s methods in asp which also can<BR>be removed.<BR> <BR>Can you give me any other solution<BR> <BR>I would realy appreciate a quick reply from you since it&#039s very urgent<BR> <BR>Waiting for your reply<BR> <BR>Thanking you,

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    cover it in a contract. Just a decent intellectual property clause, saying what&#039s theirs and what&#039s yours<BR><BR>j

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