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    manish bobdey Guest

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    dear sir,<BR>here i m getting one errori.e unspecified error<BR>which is on the line where i m opening my connection<BR>cn.open "dsnname"<BR>this error is can get removed by just re writting th line

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    Romano Magacho Guest

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    My friend manish,<BR><BR>you didn&#039t say anything about your OS, but this error has happened to me when I was trying to access an Microsoft Acess on Windows 2000. This happens because the default directory and file security configuration in the new Windows 2000 System is different from NT. On Windows NT the default security was Full Access to Everyone. Now it is only Full Access to the Creator, so the Web Service can&#039t write or read from the database. You might want to change this security configuration to R/W Acess to Everyone or for the IUSR and IWDM_ users...<BR>That&#039s it.

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    i was getting that error aswell re installing MDAC seemed to fix the problem, this was for win98/PWS thou

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