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    Rajeev Patil Guest

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    1.can we use buttons in asp instead of submit button and attach them action depending on any events?<BR><BR>2.if we try to use recorsset properties like pagesize,pagecount,absolutepage the error called provider does not support these properties is shown so what has to be done?<BR><BR>

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    1. javascript can be used for this. i can&#039t give specifics for such a general answer, but has an excellent tutorial<BR><BR>2. you need adOpenKeyset (or adOpenDynamic) to use these properties - try a search on &#039paging&#039 on<BR><BR>j

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    1) u can use buttons instead of submit button by javascript<BR>onclick=document.form.submit()<BR>an d <BR>yess <BR>2) u have not included ur adovbs file or u r using wrong type of cursors.<BR><BR>thnxx<BR>brij <BR>

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    vijayarangan Guest

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    1. yes, we can use buttons but we need call the events<BR> if u r familiar in vbscript and javascript u could have known<BR> the events like onclick, in this events we can call the form<BR> submit events.<BR><BR> for ex., sub button1_onclick()<BR> document.formname.submit()<BR> end sub<BR><BR> 2. need to know which database u&#039r using msaccess,oracle, or<BR> sqlserver. and data provider r using odbc connections.<BR><BR>

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