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    Pritam Pal Guest

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    Is there any method of checking the login name of a user in an ASP with win NT user list ?

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    Bill Branthoover Guest

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    One method I&#039ve been using is in the Global Asa I have the following line: <BR>Session("UserID")=Request.ServerVariables("LOG ON_USER") <BR>Then later in my ASP code I check the value of <BR>Session("UserID")<BR>I hope this helps you. Bill

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    The problem with the method he mentioned is that it won&#039t work if you&#039re using anonymous authentication on your website. This will only work if you&#039re using basic text or challenge and response.

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    Shano Guest

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    As stated... If you use anonymous authentication then you could request server variables all day and come up with a blank. If you&#039re on an Intranet using only IE, you could turn off the anonymous authentication to force an NT Challenge/Response. If you have to keep anonymous up then you&#039ll have to get a little creative... <BR><BR>Something like creating an ActiveX object on the server that your page could call that could look it up for you...But wait, security may be an issue so you may have to have an ActiveX object that interrogates an NT service that you create that uses an admin level user to be able to query the appropriate APIs (Lan Manager in the Network Management SDK I think) to verify the correctness of a user name. You could call the NetUserGetInfo api call which would return a structure if successful or an NERR_UserNotFound error.<BR><BR>Didn&#039t there used to be (or maybe still is) a way (a hack) to try to force an NT logon with anything and NT would send back a valid list of user logins?<BR><BR>Still... the easy way is to turn off anonymous authentication if it&#039s an option.<BR><BR>Have fun!

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