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    I have a strange problem.First time round, the db and the connection would establish but i try to access the same page later on.., I can&#039t connect and get an unspecified error and the error line point to the line where I open the connection. I can&#039t understand. I close all my connections and set them to nothing. Also in all the pages, I set the connection name to same. However after passing of couple of minutes the problem goes away. So it seems, I open up a connection..and close it and try to open it again..doesn&#039t open...becoz perhaps the connection is still open (although I set it to conn = nothing)<BR>Can anybody help. Very critical.

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    Default Show us your code!

    Can&#039t tell what the error is if I can&#039t see what you are doinG!

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    You MAY what to set<BR><BR>conn.close<BR>conn = nothing<BR><BR>ensure this is NOT done at the bottom of the page but once you are through with your connection object. <BR><BR>Are you going to another page BEFORE you close your connection object

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