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    nath Guest

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    Hi, I am using activex controls to display charts, reports etc.. in my web page. due to security reasons some of my web page users cannot use activex controls.<BR><BR>So how do i solve this problem and yet show the users the graphs and reports as i have it in my web site. okay if the look and feel changes. The report is a cross tab report as in crystal reports.<BR><BR>The data being accessed is huge.<BR><BR>help wanted immediately.<BR><BR>nath

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    convert the charts to images on the server-side, and deliver them as GIF - which is fine through firewalls (don&#039t ask me how though, I don&#039t use Crystal Reports)<BR><BR>j

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    Mark Guest

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    Hi Nath,<BR><BR>Try IntrChart, a Chart component that produces jpg files on the server.<BR>Available from<BR>regards,<BR>Mark

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