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    Default Response object needed .

    Hi, this is part of global.asa<BR><BR>sub session on_end<BR>Session("VISITOR_PRAVO")=0<BR>restartPag e="http://haluz/default.asp?progress_done=reset"<BR>Response.Redir ect(restartPage) &#039errorline <BR>end sub <BR> <BR>but when session ends,an server gets error in this line &#060;Response object needed&#062;<BR><BR>I don&#039t understand this ,because this code work (also in global.asa) <BR><BR>sub session on_start<BR>session("X")=0<BR>startPage = "default.asp"<BR>currentPage = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")<BR>if strcomp(currentPage,startPage,1) then<BR>Response.Redirect(startPage)<BR>end if<BR>end sub<BR><BR>----------------------<BR>Please help me.And I have related problem to this,when I try to write values at the firth page default.asp , &#060;%=session("X")%&#062;<BR>the variable isn&#039t 0, variable is empty. thanks a lot of ...<BR>

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    Default Global.asa cannot redirect on_end

    you&#039ll have to re-think whatever it is you&#039re trying to do. onstart works, because you have a response object (the event is fired when the first page is requested, so there&#039s a response stream available. But onend doesn&#039t fire when a page is requested, it fires when the session ends, so there&#039s no response available to it. get the idea?<BR><BR>j

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