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    I do know this, Using "Sessions" to track user/client movement around the site is NOT bulletproof.<BR>This is the basis for how the site was designed from the beginning.<BR>The alternatives are NOT MANY however. RIght?<BR>What is the FASTEST implementation I can implement?<BR><BR>At the top of all of our pages where we require a userid to view the page we have code like:<BR><BR> If Session("MemberID") = "" Then<BR> &#039User either timed out or tried to access this page directly<BR> Response.Redirect "/TimeOutLogin.asp"<BR> End If<BR><BR>And we call Specific information we need through Session information gathered at login or through database recordsets such as:<BR><BR> If Session("UserType") = "Level2" Or Session("UserType") = "Level3" Then<BR><BR>etc etc..<BR>

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    Default and your question again was......


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