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    My issue is this, I have a form with several fields for either entering or retriveing data. Some of these fields retieve the dates for the user using getMonth, getYear, etc functions. I find that if the user tries to work on the page before it has had time to fully download from the server, these date functions give me an error by initializing (or rather not initializing) to "XXX"&#039s. Is there a means of blocking the user from altering the pages unitl it has had time to download completely? <BR>

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    If you are using any ASP at all in the page you can set the response.buffer to true forcing the server to send everything to the page before it starts to write anything. The page will download slower but it will only load once it has recieved everything.<BR><BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#0 62;

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    I&#039m afraid that&#039s already the case. Any other suggestions...?

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