Problem in viewing data.

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Thread: Problem in viewing data.

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    venka Guest

    Default Problem in viewing data.

    I have three frames on a page.<BR>I am retrieving data from the DB to the two frames.<BR>The data is displayed in the main frame when database is inserted with a new data.<BR>But the data(inside a dropdownbox) in the top frame is not displayed unless i refresh the page.<BR><BR>What should i do??

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    Hi.<BR><BR>If using SQL Server 7, use template files to develop the drop down box. This automatically updates the content with new data.<BR><BR>If this isnt effective, expire the page to prevent caching of the page that needs refreshing. Then, every time you load the frameset, that page will be pulled from IIS explicitly.<BR><BR>IQ

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    venka Guest

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    yes i am using sql server 7.<BR>How to use the template files as u have mentioned.<BR>

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