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    Jason Guest

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    I am using a simple dll for file upload. However, the files are huge! (40 to 100 meg) and I get Connection Timed Out after a while. It works great for anything under 2 meg, but times out during larger file uploads. I&#039ve set the ASP script timeout (on the IIS Server)to a much larger time, but that doesn&#039t seem to affect it. <BR>Is there another place to set the connection time out?<BR>I&#039ve tried Server.ScriptTimeout as well, but that didn&#039t have any effect. <BR>Thanks for the help!!!<BR>Jason

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    Hi,<BR><BR>This "simple DLL", is it created by a 3rd party vendor ? If so, they may have their own filesize upload restriction properties and/or timeout properties too. If not, then i can only suggest you dont store anything in Session (as Session objects timeout after 20 minutes).<BR><BR>IQ

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    Jason Guest

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    The dll doesn&#039t have any restrictions. There has to be a way to specify the regular Connection time out?<BR>Anybody?<BR>

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