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    People who register on my site give 4 kinds of information that is gathered in 4 different registration steps. In total every record will contain approx. 70 fields!! Besides registration these tables are also used for looking up persons. So both registration and search should be as fast and economical as possible. I am using SQL statements with ASP code to input, modify and search the database.<BR><BR>Now my simple question.<BR><BR>What works faster:<BR>1 Table with one ID number and then all the information OR<BR>4 Seperate tables with a table for each kind of information.<BR><BR>Which technique is the fastest and puts the least pressure on the database? I can imagine that query&#039ing will become slower as I have to JOIN the tables on their ID. But probably registrering will become faster. Can somebody help me please?

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    Registration would not be any faster if in separate table. It might be a little easier to code though. I would go for one table if you need to do searches and things. From the limited information you gave, I would suggest that there is very little data normalization that could be gained by putting the data in separate tables. Just remember when you do a select on the table with 70 fields, do not use the select * unless you need all of the fields. Explicitly name your fields like select fld1, fld2, fld3....

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