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    Rajkumar Guest

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    how to end a session immediately after the user closes the browser window?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Rajkumar

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    Kanishka Guest

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    There is already a discussion happening on the Session object a little further down the tree (just look at the titles. You&#039ll find it under session object). Take a look. It should solve your problem.

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    Rajkumar Guest

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    hi,<BR>I would like to put my question like this? By default the session object expires after 20 minutes but when the user closes the browser window the session variables r much alive and they expires only after 20 minutes in the web server. what i want is, the session should expire immediately after the user closes the browser window.<BR><BR>Help,<BR>Rajkumar

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    Rajkumar-<BR>im not sure if this answers, but what the hell....<BR>In clientside javascript use event handler--&#062; onUnload <BR>for example &#060;body onUnload = "whatever()"&#062;<BR>I think then you can use<BR>"Session.Abandon" to end the session<BR>good luck

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