Executing arbitrary code and returning std out

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Thread: Executing arbitrary code and returning std out

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    Default Executing arbitrary code and returning std out

    Yes, I saw the article in the FAQ about executing a shell... that doesn&#039t do what I need it to.<BR><BR>I found the component ASPExec from Serverobjects.com and it&#039s very cool however it lacks one important thing..... I need to be able to execute the code *in a user context* and then return the std out. This object returns all of the output which is very cool but the component runs in the server context which doesn&#039t cut it if you have to hit an external system.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Default Hmmm...guess you will create your own ASPExec?

    ...or equivalent...or convince ServerObjects to allow changing the user id?<BR><BR>(Which isn&#039t likely, as the thing is free.)<BR><BR>It makes sense that ASPExec runs with the permissions of the Web server, since it is (after all) called from the Web server. And how could it know *which* user to run as? Yes, yes, I know: by passing in userid and password for some other NT user.<BR><BR>Maybe you could change your executable so *IT* takes in the userid and password and changes to another user before doing the actual "work"?<BR><BR>

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