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    Hi there,<BR><BR>My validation of a field is in ASP. How can i prompt a message using a message box in javascript?<BR><BR>Thanx :)

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    You can&#039t.<BR><BR>If you validate in ASP, then the *ONLY* way you can send any message to your user on their CLIENT MACHINE is to return a FULL HTML page with the message you want on it.<BR><BR>True, this FULL HTML page you send back *could* do a call to an alert (the JS name for a msgbox) during the &#060;BODY onLoad="..."&#062; event. But somehow I strongly suspect that isn&#039t what you want or meant.<BR><BR>ASP IS SERVER SIDE.<BR><BR>ALERTS AND MESSAGE BOXES ARE CLIENT SIDE.<BR><BR>Keep them separated in your head. They do not go together. Or at least not well.<BR><BR>

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