how to protect web pages?

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Thread: how to protect web pages?

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    hi all.<BR>i am a totally newbie and don&#039t know much about ASP.<BR><BR>I am working on a kind of administration page that has to be<BR>protected. i already put a login name and a password for <BR>accessing that page.<BR><BR>the problem is that i can access that page without a login name<BR>and password when i directly access that file.<BR>i want this page to be accessed only with a password and login name. otherwise, goes to some kind of "Access Denied" page.<BR><BR>How can i do that? please help meeeeeeeeee!!!<BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>T.Tsujita

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    tutorials are all over the net for this - notable the search index at<BR><BR>j

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