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    Spazm Guest

    Default Implicit Declaration Problem! Help!

    I&#039ve got a sendmail ASP file that is included if a user is sending feedback from a form. If I implicitly declare variables at the top of the sendmail file or within it, I got an error "VBScript compilation error... Name Redfined." I know this happens when you try to Dim the same variable name more than once, but this is not happening! All var names are unique in each dimension. More specifically, there&#039s a dimension at the top of the file, and two more under each Case of a Select statement. If I comment out all three, the file works. If I include any of the three dimensions, it errors. So, it works without implicit declaration, but why can&#039t I implicitly declare the variables?!! Help! Thanks much.

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Post the code...

    Why not post the code that&#039s doing this.... can&#039t help if we can&#039t see the code.<BR><BR>R.

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