I ran accross this on a site using CGI/PERL a year ago, and I want to do something similar with my ASP site now. I have different "permissions" or "access levels" on my site where for example a logged in user is either a "Leader" or a "Member". I have this user access information stored in a database. I want to make my own custom HTML tags that will hide/show sections of the page to certain users. For example, this is how it worked on the page I came across that had this kind of system in place:<BR><BR>&#060;ACCESS Leaders&#062;<BR>Only Leaders can see this, not members.<BR>&#060;/ACCESS&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;ACCESS Members&#062;<BR>Both Members and Leaders can see this.<BR>&#060;/ACCESS&#062;<BR><BR>This is how it worked, and different sections of the page could be viewed/hidden depending on what access level the user was. Does anybody know how this can be accomplished? What technolgies are involved here? I&#039d suppose something with XML though I really have no idea. Any help would be appreciated :)