Data displays in SINGLE LINE but not MULTILINE

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Thread: Data displays in SINGLE LINE but not MULTILINE

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    Default Data displays in SINGLE LINE but not MULTILINE

    I have a page that data from the DB is placed into the textbox. Sinple, everyone has it. BUT, I have a field where a lot of users comments is typed. So instead of the info being placed in a single line text box and the user not being able to see all their text in one big block, I select the MULTILINE box. But, when I have &#060;% response.write userinput("comments") %&#062; as the default value, the code shows, not the user input.<BR>Any ideas on why it works on SINGLE LINE, but not multi??

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    Default different place to add your code

    I think what is happening is that you are trying to capture the database entry in a textarea box the same way as an input box. They are different. Let me explain. This is what an input box would look like to display your database field:<BR>...<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="LastName" value="&#060;%=userinput("comments")%&#062;" size="30" maxlength="50"&#062;<BR>...<BR><BR>but kep in mind that a MULTILINE text box is treated differently. Here&#039s how you should do it:<BR>...<BR>&#060;textarea name="SchoolAddress" wrap="VIRTUAL" cols="40" rows="5"&#062;&#060;%=userinput("comments")%&#062; &#060;/textarea&#062;<BR>...<BR><BR>Hope this clears it out, and solves your problem!

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