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    This is regarding a hit-counter script. The count is written in a text file counter.txt. It is reading from the file but it gives error while writing on line :<BR>Set TS = FSO.OpenTextFile(strFileName,8, Create) <BR>&#039Create = true<BR>It say : permission denied <BR>So count remains same and not incremented on loading. My counter.txt and asp file are in same folder. <BR><BR>

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    Make sure you have read/write permissions on the folder containing the file. <BR><BR>If you&#039re using an ISP, they usually have a directory for this or you can use the database directory. <BR><BR>If you&#039re hosting yourself, make sure the IUSR_machine (where machine is the name of the NT box) account has read/write access. <BR><BR>If you&#039re on an intranet, you could disable anonymous and choose the NT challenge/response option in IIS settings. That way you can use NT permissions to allow people to write to the directory and its files.<BR>-hih

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