How do I add .00 to end of all money characters in

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Thread: How do I add .00 to end of all money characters in

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    Default How do I add .00 to end of all money characters in

    I want to add a .00 to the end of data in a SQL database. So 234 would be 234.00 (I am doing a cost report and it would look nice to have the zeros at the end). Is there an easy way to do this in SQL or just adding it in asp? I know access has no problem doing this but I couldn&#039t find anything on it in SQL<BR><BR>Thanks for your time,<BR>Nathan<BR>

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    Default You do not NEED to!

    They *are* there if you specify that the datatype of the field is "currency" (or "money" in some DBs). It&#039s just that you don&#039t *see* them when you get the data with VBScript and ASP. That&#039s because VBS treats money the same as any other number. So all you really need to do is be able to format the numbers to look like money in your web pages, and you can do that with the VBS function "FormatCurrency". Check out the docs on your computer or, if you haven&#039t downloaded the VBS docs (and why haven&#039t you?), click on "VBScript Reference" in the left pane of this page, then click on "Functions" and scroll down to "Format Currency."<BR><BR>

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    Perfect thanks!!

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