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    Hi, I would like to force a navigation bar on the left of ever page on my site and a header at the top of every page.<BR> I am using a windows 2000 server for the site. What would be the best way to do this? With asp? if yes, then how?<BR><BR>Thanks In Advance

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    Kind of server matters not.<BR><BR>Server side includes for this? Sure, why not.<BR><BR>But if none of the nav bar, header, and contents use ASP, then you slow things down asking ASP to process this. You might be better off to put the header and nav bar in frames, if we are talking performance.<BR><BR>Or you could use client-side includes, by using included JavaScript code to write the nav bar and header in place.<BR><BR>Lots of ways. SSI works. What do you want?<BR><BR><BR>

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    I am very new to all this and happen to be reading the book by 2 of the (Teach Yourself ASP in 21 Days). Anyway they have specific example on how to do what you are asking with ASP. Simple generate you header and sidebar and save the file. Then include the file in each of you other asp pages. Then when you want to change the footer it&#039s easy. I hate to push the book but it has been good so far. It lacks a little detail about connecting to non-MS database. Your problem is addressed on page 359. <BR><BR>Good Luck

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