hello, <BR>This may be simple (and I have just overlooked something)<BR>I have a template asp page which dishes out the look of my web site, plus it looks in a database for the proper content of the page. However, there is one problem, I would like display the URL address in the address bar of the web browser, but it just puts the 404: error codes instead. (I am trapping the 404 error to redirect to the template page). Now, in my template page, I can get the url that the user is requesting etc..., but what I need to know, is how to set it in the browser, so that the user will not be confused, and it does look like they are on the url they entered/clicked on.<BR><BR>I know I can achieve this my using place holders asp files and includes. <BR><BR>Now, I am thinking about perhaps using response.addheader or something like that. But I cannot seem to find any info on the headers that can be sent to the client.<BR><BR>Also client-side javascript is out of the questions too. I think it would have to be server-side for this to work on all browsers.<BR><BR>thanks in Advance.<BR>Marc