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    Hi, <BR> Is there any function in ASP to check for the character fields,like IsNumeric for numeric fields.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated,<BR>Regards,<BR>Vikki

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    Nathen Grass Guest

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    You can try &#039Not IsNumeric(x)&#039...This will return true for any character that is not numeric or you can check the ASCII value of the character and if it falls between 65 and 122 that means is an uppercase or lowercase letter.<BR><BR>i.e.<BR>If ASC(x)&#062;=65 and ASC(x)&#060;=122 then<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#039character is in A-Z or a-z range<BR>End If

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    Riva Guest

    Default This may be a better option

    Check out the 4guys article:<BR><BR><BR>Hope that helps :)

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