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    I&#039m calling an HTML page which inturn calls to an asp script and takes two parameters from the HTML script, queries the database and displays the result in form of HTML.<BR>My HTML file has only one function and a frame<BR>Function Settag(a,b)<BR>{<BR> frame.document.location.href="http:\
    eport16.asp?&patient_id=" + a + "&accesno=" + b;<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>It runs fine on two m/c&#039s NT4.0 Operating System ---<BR> but gives unspecified error on line 9 which is -<BR>frame.document.location.href="http:\12.31.223. 206
    eport16.asp?&patient_id=" + a + "&accesno=" + b;<BR><BR>on other machines one of which is win2000 OS and the other is NT4.0<BR>

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    Forward slashes (/) not backslashes () - the backslash is an escape character in javascript<BR><BR>j

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