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    This is a general question:<BR><BR>I have now got an ASP page to populate a # of dropdowns and textboxes. Now I want to store the info entered by user to a table in my database (once the user clicks the SUBMIT button). I am assuming that i need to setup a javascript function (clientside) that will do this for me (ie onclick...etc)?? How do I submit the page and hence all the texbox/dropdown information?<BR><BR>P.S. Does my &#039checking&#039 (to ensure the fields are all filled with relevant info) go in the same function?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    to insert into the db, have your form "action" point to the form "handler"<BR><BR>in the form handler, open your DB and RS connections and use either SQL or ADO to insert the data:<BR><BR>objRS.AddNew<BR>objRS("firstname") = Request.Form("firstname")<BR>&#039 more fields in here<BR>objRS.Update<BR><BR>do this for all fields you need populated, <BR>then close your DB and RS Connections

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