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    Paul the new guy Guest

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    OK, got a response early this morning (thanks again Darren) but still can&#039t make sense of it all.<BR><BR>When I plug specific data into this line:<BR><BR>Sql = "SELECT * FROM Dealers WHERE State=&#039CA&#039 ORDER BY City"<BR><BR>I can sort using ORDER BY with no problems. However, I&#039m using a search form, and for whatever reason, the following code is what seems to work for my drop down menu to pass a state along and display the results. I&#039m new to sql queries and pieced this together from examples:<BR><BR>mystate=request.querystring("st") <BR>SQL = "select * from Dealers where State=&#039" <BR>SQL = SQL & mystate & "&#039" <BR><BR>However, now I can&#039t seem to make my ORDER BY work in this statement. Guess I don&#039t get the single quote vs double quote, and where the ORDER BY should go, and what&#039s the proper use of quotes throughout the entire line that it populates.<BR><BR>If anyone can clear this up, point me in the right direction, or spell out the query for me, I&#039d appreciate it. Also, if there is a better use of a query for this purpose, I&#039m game.<BR><BR>Thanks again in advance,<BR><BR>Paul

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Single quotes are just telling SQL you are using string data, the same as when you use " to tell VB you are using string data. YOu place your order by clause after your last WHERE statement.<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM Dealers WHERE State = &#039" & mystate & "&#039 ORDER BY City"<BR><BR>Quit concatenating the string each line. I&#039ve seen this done many times, but can&#039t figure out why. String concatenation in VBScript is absolutely horrendous.

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    Single Quotes are used to delimit string values INSIDE the sql string that is sent to the server. Double quotes are used to delimit String values in ASP. <BR><BR>sSql= "SELECT BLah FROM Blah WHERE Fld = &#039Test&#039" <BR>Set rs = Connection.Execute(sSql) <BR><BR>SELECT BLah FROM Blah WHERE Fld = &#039Test&#039 is what is sent to the database. <BR><BR>ORDER BY should almost always be the last part of you statement ..<BR><BR>mystate=request.querystring("st")<BR>SQL = "select * from Dealers where State=&#039" <BR>SQL = SQL & mystate & "&#039" <BR>SQL = SQL & " ORDER BY State" <BR><BR>Notice the Space B4 ORDER ...<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Paul (the new guy) Guest

    Default YES, The Idiot Get's An Answer

    Steve & G-mny<BR><BR>THANK YOU both for your input, I&#039m in business, and I also now understand a little more what these things mean.<BR><BR>I truly appreciate your help.

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