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Thread: Is it appropriate to give access to any folders on

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    Default Is it appropriate to give access to any folders on

    Hi,<BR><BR>Please clarify me about this problem.<BR><BR>I have pictures in the "images" folder under my webroot.But they are not static.(they keep on changing).so what i want to do is to give access to the users to one of the folders on the webserver, which will be out side my webroot, and create a virtual directory to that folder so as to use it to display the images in my html pages. <BR><BR>Users don&#039t want to use the file upload method to upload the images and they want a way to just copy the pictures.(drag and drop)<BR><BR>Can any one tell me the approach i want to follow is right or wrong? if incorrect/unsafe tell me the reasons.<BR><BR>Very Urgent.<BR><BR>Thanks alot,<BR><BR>Sreenivas

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    Default Might be appropriate but won't work...

    Unless your users are on the same "LAN" as you are--typically fellow employees?--you can&#039t do what you are trying to do.<BR><BR>The internet is *NOT* a file system. Joe Palooka&#039s Macintosh in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, does NOT use the same operating system as Ivan Vortov&#039s Linux box in Kiev. And neither of those look anything like your NT or Win98 or whatever box. <BR><BR>For files to be shared, the computers *must* be both tightly coupled *and* using a compatible file system. You *can* hook all those computers together on a LAN, using the "NFS" (Network File System--which is really a "daemon" that sits on *top* of each real operating system and provides a usable interface to the other OS&#039s) or similar tools. But not across the internet.<BR><BR>So give it up. Go with uploads and downloads. They work. <BR><BR>

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    You could create an FTP site that is mapped to a folder in your webroot then load a page with an IFrame or something like that and allow write only access, (I am pretty sure you can set some limitations, depending on what web server you are running, on what kind of files can be uploaded and what size, but not sure.) Then you can enable drag and drop of the images for your users.<BR><BR>Just an idea!<BR><BR>DRW

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