Obtaining a list of valid SQL Servers

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Thread: Obtaining a list of valid SQL Servers

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    Default Obtaining a list of valid SQL Servers

    Is there any way to query for a listing of SQL Servers currently available on a lan(to populate a dropdown, for instance)? Any info, positive or negative, would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR> Mike

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    Default I have done it in VB

    lets see if i can find it<BR><BR><BR>yep here is is<BR><BR>For i= 1 To objSQLApp.ListAnnouncedNetworkSQLServers.Count<BR> cboServers.AddItem objSQLApp.ListAnnouncedNetworkSQLServers(i)<BR>Nex t i<BR><BR>now i had to reference SQLOLE object library if my memory sreves me right. I really cant find the project to check<BR><BR>Maybe you can figgure it out from there <BR><BR>HTH

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