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    Cijo Guest

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    How can I display two zeroes after the decimal point from the database? Say for e.g. 2.00.I used the round() funtion. But still it is displaying 2 and not 2.00

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    varNum contains your number, for the sake of argument<BR><BR><BR>varNum & ".00"<BR><BR><BR>&#060;rocket science&#062;<BR><BR>j

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    David Forster Guest

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    That&#039s fine if you know that eveything returned from the DB is going to be an Integer. But what if this is not the case?<BR><BR>If you are using this for monetary values then what about using the FormatCurrency function?<BR><BR>Or, how about using the FormatNumber function?<BR><BR>Syntax would be:<BR><BR> FormatNumber(&#060;&#060;your expression&#062;&#062; ,2 ,-1 ,0 ,0)<BR><BR>David.

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