Ok. FYI, I&#039m not an asp or database rookie. I&#039ve run across an<BR>interesting/devestating error on an ASP page which displays values from an<BR>Access query connected through a DSN. The results in Access are 4 fields<BR>across and several thousands of records like this (I&#039ll use "," to separate<BR>columns)<BR><BR><BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5" ,"a3=a3+10","a4=a4+15<BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a3=a3 +10","a4=a4+15<BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a3=a3+10","a 4=a4+15<BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a3=a3+10","a4=a4+15 <BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a3=a3+10","a4=a4+15<BR><BR >But once it gets to asp it shows this!<BR><BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a3=a3+10","a4=a4+ 15<BR>a1=a1+1","a3=a3+5","a3=a3+10","a4=a4+15<BR>a 1=a1+1","a2=a2+5","a1=a1+10","a4=a4+15<BR>a1=a1+1" ,"a4=a5+5","a3=a3+10","a4=a4+15<BR>a1=a1+1","a2=a2 +5","a1=a1+10","a4=a4+15<BR><BR><BR>It is rather random and my SQL statement has been verified to be correct.<BR>The only way that I have been able to resolve it is by breaking it down into<BR>two smaller SQL statements with one showing a1 and a2 results and the other<BR>a3 and a4.<BR><BR>If anything, give me a reason why.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris<BR><BR>http://www.tachonix.com<BR><BR>