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    I&#039m just wondering what is the limit for information that can be stored in an access database. I am specifically concerned with the memo field. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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    64,000 characters limit on memo fields (Access help would have told you that very quickly)<BR><BR>j

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    Thanks for the response. I checked the help files, but as a beginner, i was somewhat confused when it stated that if the field is manipulated through dao that the field is limited to the size of the database. Does this mean that if I use ADO, or SQL, or similar methods ( all through ASP ) to insert info into this type that it is only limited to the size of the database? And does this mean each individual record is limited to the size of the database, or the total of all of type &#039memo&#039 stored within the database?

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    Janne Guest

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    Yes, the limit is 65 535 when using the interface and 1 GB when programmatically adding info to the memo field. So, if you use code like you suggested, the limit is 1 GB. The limit for the database is 2 GB, so in theory, you can have 2 memofields with 1 GB info each. After that, the database is filled, and no other info can be added. However, an access database can inlude linked tables from other access databases, so the max size is, for practical purposes, unlimited.

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