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    Paul Mutton Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am looking for some opinions here, so thanks for reading this.<BR><BR>I have a few ASP applications that make use of a text file in which to store data. Most of my other appications use Access or SQL Server databases.<BR><BR>I have used text files for some appications due to their limited size and simple nature. While the script opens the file, I believe it is not possible for another user to open the file concurrently. Thus, if two users access the page at exactly the same time, it is possible for one of the users to receive an error when trying to open the file because another page already has it open.<BR><BR>Is this really the case, or does IIS/PWS deal with this sort of thing intelligently? Or is it really possible that some of my ASP applications may crumble under the strain of mutliple concurrent users?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Paul.<BR><BR>(Please reply by email as well, if possible)<BR>paul_merton@hotmail.com

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    Capnfunky Guest

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    I am not exactly sure, but my guess would be that you could have concurrent users to a file and have no problems with accessing the data.<BR>The problems lies in the fact that the data will not be updated for someone who opened the file two minutes after someone else. <BR>Therefore the changes will be re-written as the last users changes. This is assuming that both users are utilizing or updating the same record in the file.<BR><BR>My opinion is that SQL or Access database is a better bet due to the locking options both they and ASP provide.<BR><BR>However, I haven&#039t seen any documentation to tell me otherwise.<BR>Hope that helps.

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