Count and then pause in a maillist.

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Thread: Count and then pause in a maillist.

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    Default Count and then pause in a maillist.

    I have been asked by my hosting service to put a count in my mailling list post script. So that the script posts to 100 entries then pauses for a few seconds then continues with the next 100 entries.<BR>Dbase being used is access with an id column and and email column.<BR>the script is straight forward pulling only the email addresses and posting to them using Jmail.<BR>This could possibly be easy but have been stumped for to long now.<BR>Cheers

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    Default You cannot pause in ASP...

    ...directly. You need a third party component to do this. I think there is a freebie available from that will do the job.<BR><BR>If you try to pause via a FOR...NEXT loop in your ASP code, you will simply hog CPU time...which will make your hosting service even more unhappy.<BR><BR>Note that the hosting service will have to install the added control, but it comes from a well respected company, so maybe?<BR><BR>

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    Default sleep...

    Hey bill would the api call sleep do the trick? I mean if I were to make my own vb component?

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