I am developing a web application that captures customer details and writes them to an SQL Server database (2 tables Application and Applicants) on my web host.<BR>For security reasons my manger does not want the customers details kept online for long. He wants the data transfering to a stand-alone PC connected to the internet as soon as possible. The stand-alone PC is running Windows 2000 Professional and SQL Server 7 Desktop edition.<BR>The solutions I could think of were<BR>1. From the stand-alone run a scheduled script that executes a SP that selects the data from web database then executes a SP that inserts the data into the local database, then delete from web database. <BR>2. Run a scheduled script from the web server that selects all from the database and creates an XML file for each application and its applicants. Add this as an attachment and mail it to our Mail server (BT). The file will then be in the OutlookExpress Inbox of the local PC. A scheduled script on the local PC can then be run that extracts the data from the XML file and puts it into the local SQL Server.<BR><BR>Are any of these OK? Is there a better solution that I am overlooking?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Danny<BR>