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    I&#039m trying to select all of the records from a table where payment has not been made. So I wrote the following sql statement but it doesn&#039t like the "" before the ORDER BY clause. I&#039m basically trying to say, give me all of the records where the payment type field is empty (blank or NULL). How do I write this? THanks! Here&#039s my statement:<BR>"SELECT * FROM PCSALE WHERE Location Like &#039Niagara Falls&#039 AND Payment_Type = "" ORDER BY Last_Name"

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    Empty (blank) and NULL are two different values; make sure you treat them differently.<BR><BR>Payment_Type = &#039&#039 OR Payment_Type IS NULL<BR><BR>Notice the single quotes for the empty varchar field, not double quotes like you have.

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    Default Fabulous. Thanks Steve.


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