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    HI,<BR> How can I compare two date values in javascript? they are of the format dd/mm/yy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks...

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    compare it as a string

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    Default Only works for == and !=

    Comparing dates as string when you want to do &#060; or &#060;= or &#062; or &#062;= will not work.<BR><BR>Consider:<BR><BR>1/1/2000 vs. 2/29/1900<BR><BR>the second date is *clearly* larger, as a string!<BR><BR>In JS code, you should convert the strings to Date objects and then compare the date objects. I *believe* that date objects properly compare! (I just checked: they certainly do with MS&#039s JavaScript.)<BR><BR>Thus:<BR><BR>d1 = new Date("11/11/2001")<BR>d2 = new Date("3/13/2000")<BR>if ( d1 &#062; d2 ) ...<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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