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    Is there any way that you can use ADO to check the syntax of a query prior to executing it?

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    Umm.... kind of. I assume what you are wanting to do is the following:<BR><BR>Determine if a SQL statement is valid... if so, execute, if not, don&#039t (or fix it, or something of the like).<BR><BR>Am I correct on that assumption? What you can do is the following<BR><BR>1.) Tell ADO to not fuss over errors<BR>2.) Try the SQL statement in question<BR>3.) Check to see if an error WOULD HAVE OCCURRED (had Step #1 not been taken)<BR>4.) In the event than an error would have occurred, do something about it...<BR><BR>There is a good article on 4Guys that discusses how to do this:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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