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    passing array as an querystring<BR>yls - 11/16/2000 3:23:34 AM<BR><BR>Hi, can i do this &#060;a href="mypage.asp?myarray=otherarrays"&#062;&#060;c lick&#060;/a&#062; <BR><BR>otherarrays(1)="can" <BR>otherarrays(2)="be" <BR>otherarrays(3)="done" <BR>

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    You can&#039t pass the array across the querystring like that because the array name points to a memory space while the page is being processed.<BR><BR>You should use the VBScript "join" function which will tack all of the array elements together in a line, then you should pass that line across the querystring, then finally put it back into an array using the VBscript Split function.<BR><BR>For advise on these functions and any other scripting functions the msdn site is excellent: <BR><BR>

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