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    Default Please,give me an advise!

    Hello!<BR>In my project I need to store in database time when user was logged in and time when he was logged out. When there is no problems it works perfectly. But if for example connection with Internet was broken how can I save time when user stops using my page?<BR><BR>May be I need to rewrite time of logging out every minute? But how can I do it? Is there something like timer in asp?<BR><BR>Thanks ahead for advises

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    Are you using the Session On End function in the global.asa to see when the user leaves? If not do it that way.<BR><BR>If that doesn&#039t work then you could run a script that tests to see if the client is still connected every ten minutes or so. Thay way if the connection is lost you can log the exit time to the nearest ten minutes.<BR><BR>There is a method called Response.IsClientConnected which you could use to achieve this.

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    Svetlana Guest

    Default How can I count periods of time?

    Thanks for advise. At first I&#039ll try to use Session_OnEnd.<BR><BR>But in other way how can I count the time? Is there any clock objects?

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