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    &#060;script language="JavaScript" for="window" event="onload"&#062;<BR><BR>Can anybody explain to me what the<BR><BR>for="window" event="onload" <BR><BR>line means/does?<BR>I use it in a html page which recieves data from an asp generated xml page.<BR>I load the data as following<BR><BR>xmldso_list.XMLDocument.load("dat a.asp")<BR><BR>if I haven&#039t got the <BR>for="window" event="onload" <BR>bit in, xmldso_list won&#039t be defined.<BR><BR>I guess the atttributes are essential for the databinding, but can someone explain exactly how?<BR><BR>

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    it&#039s an IE thing - you could just define onload in the body tag, and make sure all objects are referenced appropriately, it should work then<BR><BR>j

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