Hi ,<BR><BR>Problem Stt: <BR>AbsolutePage, RecordCoount, PageCount properties of the ADO Recordset not functioning.<BR><BR><BR>Problem Description:<BR>In one of my Web pages I am displaying the search results. I want the display of the results to 25 records per page and with hyperlinks for<BR>previous and Next page navigations. Whats happening is I could able to restrict the required number records on the very first page and I am not getting the hyperlink values for Previous and Next page.<BR><BR>My code is similar to the below said<BR><BR><BR>set conn=server.createobject("adodb.connection")<BR>co nn.open "DSN="&dbname&";uid="&dbuser&";pwd="&dbpass<BR >SET cmd = SERVER.CREATEOBJECT("adodb.command")<BR>set cmd.ActiveConnection = conn<BR>cmd.CommandText = "sp_GetStockNews"<BR>cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc<BR>cmd.Parameters.refresh<BR>cmd.P arameters("@Lang_Code")="EN"<BR>cmd.Parameters("@S tk_Code")=strStockCode<BR>cmd.Parameters("@Country _Code")=strCountryCode<BR>SET rsnews = SERVER.CREATEOBJECT ("adodb.recordset")<BR>rsnews.cursortype = adopenkeyset<BR>set rsnews=cmd.execute()<BR>if not rsnews.eof then<BR>rsnews.pagesize = 10<BR>intPageCount = rsnews.PageCount<BR>rsnews.absolutepage = intPageNo<BR>........ Record display statement<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>sp_GetStockNews is the stored procedure will return the set of records and I am getting all records in the recordset &#039rsnews&#039 but I could not able to get/set the values of the recordset properties &#039Absolutepage, recordcount, PageCount&#039. Once I get the values for &#039PageCount,<BR>AbsolutePage&#039 properties then the Previous page and Next Page hyperlinks will function accordingly.<BR><BR>Please note in the above said, I have to use only stored procedure (MS SQL Server) for populating the recordset.<BR><BR>Waiting for the solution.<BR><BR><BR><BR>