Need to find a tutorial.

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Thread: Need to find a tutorial.

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    Kanishka Guest

    Default Need to find a tutorial.

    Hey there,<BR>can anyone tell me where I can find a good ASP tutorial - either online or through books? I&#039d appreciate the help.<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    There are loads of tutorials about, try,,,,<BR><BR>The best ASP book I ever came across is called Mastering Active Server Pages 3 by A. Russel Jones (printed by sybex ISBN - 0-7821-2619-7). It is very thick and very detailed up to expert level, but it assumes minimal prior knowledge on everything. For example there is an HTML tutorial but it also covers things like building your own COM components and how to register them etc.. It even includes a CD-ROM with sample code and examples.

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    Ksn Murthy Guest

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    hi<BR><BR>The following r few online sites which might help u <BR> <BR> 1.<BR> 2.<BR><BR>Books<BR> 1.professional asp<BR> 2.asp unleashed<BR><BR>Hope this might serve your cause.

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    Kanishka Guest

    Default Thanks!

    I really love this message board!

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    Kanishka Guest

    Default Thanks!

    Your help is appreciated.

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