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    matias Guest

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    I am going to page2.asp by clicking a link on page1.asp<BR>The page2.asp is a popup which appears on page1.asp itself.<BR><BR>Page2.asp has a form in it and on submit the form should be submitted to Page3.asp.<BR>Page3.asp has stored procedures which will update the database with the inputs of form.<BR><BR>Now what i need is the popup window(page2.asp) should close immedietely on submitting the form to page3.asp<BR><BR>what is the code i have to write<BR>can anybody help please

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    AA Guest

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    Matias,<BR>In page3.asp just add this to your bady tag<BR>&#060;body onload="javascript:window.close();"&#062;<BR><BR>R emember that all the asp scripts should be written before this.<BR><BR><BR>

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