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    Hi, session variables are memory intensive and in my application, i have not used them so far. I am using an array to store some data per client request that are to be passed to different pages. Is it a good implementation?

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    don&#039t know enough detail about your project, but basically you have four choices - sounds like you should go for number 4:<BR>1/ Use session variables - memory intensive and relies on users having cookies enabled<BR>2/ use cookies - slows down the speed of page requests because the cookie data is added to the HTTP on every page request, and also of course user needs to have cookies enabled<BR>3/ Use hidden form fields - this method does not rely on cookies, nor use memory. Bear in mind that you should not use this to store information that you do not want users to see because if the choose View&#124Source on the browser they will see it. I prefer this method the best.<BR>4/ Use a database. You can store all of the data in a database and assign each client a key, and just use the session variable to pass the key about, rather than the entire array. This will be less memory intensive than what you are doing at the moment.

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