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    Im still struggling with this one.<BR>Heres the deal.<BR><BR>After a redirection to the same page with NN 4.7 (and 6) I get the standard "Object Moved" message. IE , no probs.<BR><BR>The flow is something like this (all on the same page, some includes)<BR><BR>1) Form input <BR>2) Submit to self<BR>3) save input to database (inputs are values for application variables)<BR>4) reset application variables (application variables are used for a site config)<BR>5) Reload Application variables with new values.<BR><BR>Now heres where it gets weird.<BR><BR>If I dont redirect, I would assume the new loaded application variables would be used, but no, the old ones are.<BR>I cant use removeall() it seems.<BR><BR>So what I do is :<BR><BR>Response.clear<BR>Response.redirect Thispage<BR>Response.end<BR><BR>This reloads the correct application variables, but errors in NN<BR><BR><BR>Any cunning ideas?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    erm... possibly NN doesn&#039t like the response.clear call.<BR><BR>luckily, NN4 will soon be dead - NEtscape 6 is now on full release! yay!<BR><BR>j

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