1) In the DNA Model a large Web Application is divided into four layers,<BR> a)Database server: which resides on a database server(Ex. NT+SQL),<BR> b)Data-Acess Layer: which resides on a Application Server(Ex. MTS), c)Business Logic Layer: may reside on Web or Application Server.<BR> d)Presentation: which resides on Web Server.<BR><BR>In the above mentioned architecture if the Data-Acess Layer and Business Layer reside on two sides of network(or two sides of DCOM Boundary), Data Marshalling may be used, that is Recordset Data or Object Data is converted into String format. So, that there is less network traffic.<BR>However, when a Stored Procedure is called from Data-Acess Layer and it returns a recordset to Data-Acess Layer, isn&#039t there a need of Data Marshalling as the recordset data returned by Stored Procedure travels through the network to Data-Acess Layer?<BR><BR>2) Is the data returned by the stored procedure in string format? So, that it does not need any conversion when transferred to an application?