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Thread: Calling Two Recordsets Concurrently -- is it possi

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    Here is my problem:<BR><BR>Recordset #1 is created from execution of this SQL Statement:<BR>mySQL = "SELECT ID,FunctRec from FunctRec"<BR><BR> 31 records display as checkboxes.<BR><BR>Recordset #2 is a smaller set, created from<BR>mySQL = "SELECT MemberID,FunctRecID from Member_FunctRec WHERE MemberID=" & MemberID<BR><BR>MemberID is a variable passed from a previously executed QuerySt<BR>ring. Recordset #2 yields nine records.<BR><BR>I&#039d like to compare the values from Recordset #2 to the values generated from Recordset #1, so that checkboxes satisfying the condition objRecordset2.Fields("FunctRecID") = objRecordset1.Fields("ID") are CHECKED and displayed on the page.<BR><BR>So rather than having a Cartesian join of 279 records, I&#039d have 31 records, but nine checked thanks to another SQL Query.<BR><BR>I am using Access 97. Can this be done with Access 97?<BR><BR>

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    You can use the nextrecordset method of the recordset object. live demo and how to on

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