Morning all!<BR>I&#039ve managed to extract the tag from some HTML. But now what I want to do is get the value of a specified attribute inside that tag.<BR><BR>Is there a better way to do it than this??:<BR>//getattribute - A function to extract the value of a specified<BR>// attribute inside a passed-in tag.<BR>function getattribute(tag,attribute)<BR> Set attrEx = new RegExp<BR> attrEx.Pattern = attribute&"[s]*=[s]*[""]?[^""&#124s]*[""]?"<BR> attrEx.IgnoreCase = True<BR><BR> Set attrstring = attrEx.execute(tag)<BR> if UBound(attrstring) &#062;= 0 then<BR> attrstring = attrstring(0)<BR> execute(attrstring)<BR> getattribute = eval(attribute)<BR> else<BR> getattribute = null<BR> end if<BR>end function<BR><BR>My major problem with this is that, due to the regular expression, I can&#039t be sure that the quotation marks will match up.<BR><BR>What about:<BR>withquotes = "([s]*""[^""&#124s]*"")"<BR>withoutquotes = "(([s]*[^""&#124^s]*)"<BR>attribute&"[s]*=("&withquotes&"&#124"&withoutquotes&")"<BR><BR>M aybe someone has written an article on preprocessing HTML tags and attributes?<BR><BR>If anybody is interested in what I am doing this for. I&#039m building a media/article database, and in an article you have some extra tags to describe links to other articles and in the tags you have attributes as to how you want to show them.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Tudor<BR>