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    I have a database containing <BR><BR>Zip, Latitude, Longitude<BR><BR>The problem is some of the Zips are duplicates.<BR><BR>I would like to make a new table of unique zips and their corresponding latitude and longitudes.<BR><BR>P.S. Where the Zips are dups the lat and longs are dups as well so we don&#039t need to preserve them, we can just delete the entire row.

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    Easiest way would be to create a new table from the old:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT * INTO newtable FROM oldtable ORDER BY zipcode<BR><BR>will probably do it.<BR><BR>Then you can drop the oldtable and rename the newtable.<BR><BR>PLEASE try this in a backup of your DB, first!<BR><BR>

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    Thanks Bill, That&#039s what I was using also but I had bad initial data that was throwing off my final count.<BR><BR>All better now. Thanks so much.

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